Speaking up.

I have to admit sometimes it’s really hard for me to stand up for myself at my job. But, Recently I was so fucking angry at my boss for being completely disrespectful that I might have drawn a line in.the sand I can’t come back from but, it feels good to finally be heard. I’m getting someone to help me out on the days I’m not there and hopefully that will change things. I’m not perfect at my job but, I put the work in and I stay until I get my job done.

My boss has been kinda shitty since he’s joined us. There were multiple people who could have taken over for the old boss and honestly any of them would have been better with all their idiosyncrasies. He doesn’t do much and because he can’t do what I do I’m left to do it all alone while I flounder and have asked for help multiple times. I’m working it alone and I have the biggest section of purview on my team. When you’re boss refuses to do the things they ask of you do it kind of rubs me the wrong way and I already have problems with authority.

I’ve gone from being super not confrontational to learning to use my power in the right ways. It’s been a long journey learning to stand up for myself and tell the people who are supposed to have power over me to shove it. I hope this is a good thing and I hope it leads to making my job a lot easier. I don’t ask that much I keep my head down and do my work. I think that’s part of the reason I get passed up for promotions because I don’t play that game.

I apologize if this blog becomes more a journal than a pop culture blog (Not that I have ever really specified.) but, I haven’t finished anything yet that really hit home as soon as I do you all will be the first to know.

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